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The Power of
Conscious Conception 

You are only ONE CONSCIOUS CONNECTION away from your BABY

We empower women trying to conceive, expectant mothers and couples to forge a telepathic/non-verbal bond with their unborn babies, revolutionizing the conception and pregnancy experience. This vital connection alleviates physical stress increases fertility and enhances well-being, but above all creates a foundation for your child to feel seen and loved for who it truly is: making it a cornerstone for a healthy, serene pregnancy in today's world...

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Experience The Connection to Your Baby Now!!

Click below, enter your email, and access the "To Choose and Be Chosen Meditation". Cut through the uncertainty of conception. Connect deeply with your baby's soul from day one. Embrace this journey, merging spiritual insight with physical readiness. Start your most meaningful adventure, guided by love and intention. Your path to enlightened parenthood begins now.


The Book, The App, Video's and Retreats

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Christel Janssen isn't your average teacher – she's a bestselling author, renowned speaker, and luminous visionary. With sold-out speaking gigs across the globe, she's captured audiences with her groundbreaking insights into sexuality, spirituality, and telepathy.

As a licensed acupuncturist and Qigong Master, Christel's journey began over two decades ago, guiding women to heal and empower themselves. Her bestselling books, "Forty-Nine Days" and "Clouds in Bodies," have earned her acclaim for their profound exploration of consciousness,  the afterlife and conscious birth. Her focus is on Conscious Conception and the emerging New Energy Children. Her work delves into the depths of spiritual parenting, offering guidance on welcoming these unique souls into the world with love and awareness.

Based in Hawaii, Christel continues to inspire and uplift, guiding others towards a brighter, more connected future through workshops and retreats.

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Books, Classes and Retreats

Discover the essence of 'Conscious Conception.'  'Clouds in Bodies' is a pivotal guide by Christel Janssen that reveals the path to establishing a deep connection with your future child through a non verbal bond. This concise book merges spiritual insights with actionable steps, aiming to enrich the pregnancy journey by fostering a telepathic bond from before conception. An essential read for those seeking a mindful and spiritually enriched approach to pregnancy. "It's like having a heart-to-heart with your baby before you meet." The book is packed with meditations, experiences from others and worksheets to take your fertility back in your hands.

Online Groups and Private Classes

Step into a world where connecting with your baby begins even before conception. Our online classes offer a unique opportunity to consciously bond with your unborn child, guiding you through techniques and insights for creating a deep, telepathic connection, which has a profound influence on your fertility and the way pregnancy and labor will unfold.  Whether you're planning to conceive or already on your pregnancy journey.

Conscious Conception

Discover the essence of connection at our Conscious Conception Retreat in Kauai. This immersive experience offers a rare opportunity to forge a deep bond with your future child amidst Kauai's serene beauty. Ideal for those on the conception journey (single)  women or couples,  it's a chance to master telepathic communication and embrace the spiritual journey of parenthood. Join us for an unforgettable retreat that promises profound connections and insights into the journey of bringing in new life.

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Telepathy with your Future Baby

The Conscious Conception Series
​with Christel Janssen

Dive into our Conscious Conception Course, designed just for you. Discover how to connect telepathically with your future child, making your journey to parenthood deeper and more spiritual, helping you to establish trust in your body again. This course is amazing because it bridges the gap between you and your unborn baby, teaching you why and how this connection enhances your pregnancy experience. You'll learn not just the art of telepathic communication but also gain confidence and a holistic understanding of conception. This is your path to forming an unbreakable bond with your baby, even before birth.

  • ​Optimized Physical Well-being, Optimized Physical Well-being: Benefit from harmonizing your body for fertility so you can create an optimal physical environment for conception.
  • Enhanced Emotional Resilience, Gain emotional support and ways to navigate the conception journey with less stress and more positivity.
  • ​Deeper Spiritual Connection: Deepen your spiritual readiness for parenthood so you can forge a profound bond with your future child from the earliest stages. 
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Telepathy with your Unborn Baby

Belly Talks- Connect to the Soul of your Baby during Pregnancy

​with Christel Janssen

A revolutionary new approach that empowers you to connect telepathically to your unborn child and create a deeper, and fulfilling bond throughout pregnancy and birth. By connecting with your baby non-verbally, you can alleviate fears and worries that often come with pregnancy and birth. Feel empowered and co-create the conception and birth experience with your child, rather than feeling alone or like a victim in the medical system. With a conscious connection to your baby, you can develop a new relationship of trust in your body, giving you the confidence and peace of mind you need during this transformative time.
Develop a routine to communicate with your baby.

Optional: weekly Birth Qigong exercises, to have a painless, smooth optimum labor
Recommended reading: Clouds in Bodies, the essential guide to conscious conception of the new energy children.Add a description here of what the product is, WHY it is so amazing, WHY they need it, and what they'll learn/discover from it.

Inside this training, you will discover:

  • ​Have an optimal preparation on all levels before birth​,  physically, energetically, and spiritually, so you feel at ease, and in connection to your baby
  • Communicate to your baby every step on the way, and develop a bond for a lifetime
  • ​​Co-create the birth with your baby Get specific advice tailored to your specific situation.
  • Choose the right birth-plan for you from a place of Energy Maturity.
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Kauai Retreats

Conscious Conception and Fertility Retreats with Christel

A unique five day program designed to forge a deep, intuitive connection with your future child, even before conception, and during pregnancy. Our Conscious Conception Fertility Retreat is a 5-day sanctuary dedicated to women's fertility and overall wellness. Set in the serene beauty of Kauai, this retreat is designed to empower you with knowledge and practices to enhance fertility, prepare your body for conception, create a non-verbal bond with your baby and creating a supportive community among women on similar journeys. Many women have become pregnant soon after the retreat. Of all the Hawaiian islands, Kauai is the island that represents new life, fertility and creation. 

  • You will experience ancient Hawaiian fertility sites - ​to help you get in touch with your inner nature
  • ​You will learn how to use water to increase your telepathic connection to your baby - and let your body be the instrument
  • ​You will dive deeply into your child wish, and let it be a guiding star in your journey - ​so your choice to conceive is absolutely clear
  • ​You will hike to sacred waterfalls, and experience what it is to be truly alive - creating the perfect point of attraction for your baby
  • You will feel pampered and enjoy breathing with your baby so you can relax into your fertility and pregnancy journey


"Clouds in Bodies"

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"This book is not just about conceiving a child; it's about awakening to a deeper, more conscious connection with the new life you're about to bring into the world."

Who Is This Book For? "Clouds in Bodies" is specifically crafted for women aged 22-39 who sense that there is more to conception and birth than what traditional narratives offer. If you're ready to conceive and open to exploring the spiritual and emotional dimensions of this journey, this book is your companion.

What You Will Discover Meditations for Connection: Learn unique meditation techniques designed to foster a profound bond with your baby, even before conception. These practices are more than relaxation; they're gateways to understanding and harmonizing with the new soul you're about to welcome.

Inspiring Experiences Hear from women who have embarked on this journey before you. Their stories are not just narratives; they're beacons that light the path of conscious conception, offering insights and affirmations.
​​Beyond the Veil: Delve into the mystical aspects of conception. Our book explores what happens in the unseen realms during conception, offering a perspective that blends spirituality with the miracle of creating life.


Are You Experiencing...


Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you feel like... ​There is more to conception then what meets they eye?
  • Have you ever laid awake at night, wrestling with anxieties about whether you're truly ready to be a parent, or how your life will transform with the arrival of a new soul?​
  • ​Have you faced the heartache of fertility challenges, feeling as if every attempt to conceive is met with silence, leaving you to wonder if there's an unseen barrier blocking your path?
  • ​Are you drawn to the spiritual aspects of conception and pregnancy, sensing there's a more profound journey to embark on, yet feel overwhelmed by where to start amidst a sea of conventional advice?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you deeply know inside that you are ready to become the mother you are meant to be?


"It truly works"


"My session with Christel was a profoundly visceral experience. It laid the foundation for my entire pregnancy, providing a deep sense of connection with my baby. The telepathic communication felt incredibly real and has transformed my trust in my body and my baby."



"The Conscious Conception class was a revelation. I never realized how tangible a telepathic connection with my unborn child could be until then. It's completely changed my perspective and given me a profound trust in the journey ahead."



"After years of trying to conceive, this class was a beacon of hope. The techniques and insights I gained were invaluable, and I'm overjoyed to say I'm now expecting. This class was a key part of my journey.."


Experience The Connection to Your Baby Now!!

Click below, enter your email, and access the "To Choose and Be Chosen Meditation". Cut through the uncertainty of conception. Connect deeply with your baby's soul from day one. Embrace this journey, merging spiritual insight with physical readiness. Start your most meaningful adventure, guided by love and intention. Your path to enlightened parenthood begins now.

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